Ending Homelessness among Veterans!

A Veteran Left Behind!

As a homeless Vet living only in the one thing that I could get my hands on, a Tent Trailer, in Washington State; winter is the hardest. I moved back to Washington State in hopes of a better Job in a state I like living in. As I looked on the Computer, employers were listing a lot of jobs available. But when I arrived I soon found out that the employers was only taking applications for future use.


There were no call backs or any other correspondence. It took me about 6 months to find any job at all. Yes, it is a great place to work, but the pay is low for this area. They only will allow 32 hours per week. I have tried getting a second job so I can save up enough money for a down payment on a home to live in. I have not found any place that will hire you if you already have a job. I don’t know if it is the hours restriction or if it’s the issue of a second job since there is a lot of people looking for work.

As I have my Certificate of Eligibility; I have tried to contact various Banks and Mortgage Companies to use my Veterans Benefit of Guaranteed Home Loans, but they always have the stipulation that they don’t do loans for Credit Scores under 620. Since I have a Homeless Credit Score, I can’t get any loans to purchase a home. I have contacted the Department of Veterans Affairs and asked about this Credit Score Stipulation. They said that is not the Federal Law, they do not require any special Credit Score to use the Loan program.

President Obama and Eric Shinseki, secretary of Veterans Affairs have public announced that “President Obama and I are personally committed to ending homelessness among Veterans within the next five years.”

If they don’t take care of the issue with the Credit Score Stipulation, they will never reach their announced Goal for the Veterans!

So since I haven’t been able to get a second job to reach my Goal of buying a Home, I have turned to online Network Marketing. It is the only way to get enough money to reach my Goal and get out of being Homeless. After searching the web for a reliable Network Marketing Company, I have finally found THIS ONE, that is legit and it has the Training I need to show me how to succeed. I didn’t know that you needed training to make an income online, but after trying out various other Programs, I see that you need their High Tech Training.

I understand, it will not happen overnight, but anything that is good only happens in time! As I get my on-hand Training and put it to work exactly as they teach it each every day, I know I will succeed!

I know there are millions of Veterans left behind by our government and society. This issue needs to be taken care of, as our government sends Millions overseas to help others that are not Americans! The Veterans have put their Life on the Chopping Block to defend our great country! They deserve a benefit that works and no strings attached.

It is easier to get Food Stamps and other programs then it is to use a Veteran benefit that is supposed to be Guaranteed!

If you are in the same Situation as myself, Get Started Now on your Training, as you will need it to succeed!

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